Ireland Nursing Recruitment

Scholar Overseas can provide you Ireland nursing recruitment with step-by-step guidance if you are an international nurse seeking to live and get nursing jobs in Ireland. In Ireland, we are actively seeking new nurses for HSE hospitals, private hospitals, and assisted living facilities.

  • Registered nurses working in all areas of medicine, surgery, pediatrics, intensive care, critical care, orthopaedics, gynecology, oncology, PICU, and neonatal intensive care unit as there is staff nurse vacancy in Ireland.
  • Our foreign nurses meet Ireland’s employment requirements for clinical experience and nursing education, making them excellent caregivers.
  • Every one of our nurses is fluent in English, has undergone a thorough pre-screening process, has stellar references, a high degree of competence, and exceptional clinical skills.
  • By collaborating with Scholar Overseas, you can quickly connect with hundreds of nurses who can begin working at your facility within a few months.
  • We handle every part of the hiring process as mentioned below, from administration to hiring, so you can easily get a registered nurse job in Ireland.

Recruiting through Scholar Overseas poses no financial risk since you’ll only be billed for our services after your nurses arrive and start working at your facility.

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In Ireland, the recruitment process for nurses usually consists of submitting an application, attending interviews, presenting references, and undergoing any essential background checks or health screenings. After being hired, nurses might go through an orientation period before beginning their responsibilities.

In Ireland, fulfilling the criteria to work as a nurse involves obtaining a nursing degree or diploma from an acknowledged institution. Additionally, it is imperative to be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) in order to practice nursing within the nation.

Nurses can look forward to working in modern healthcare facilities that are equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology. They often work in shifts, which may involve nights and weekends, and also have opportunities for career advancement and professional development.