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We, at Scholar Overseas, a Kuwait nursing recruitment agency, are here to help you find the best nursing jobs in Kuwait and create the career you've always wanted if you're a young, talented, and ambitious nurse professional searching for better job opportunities abroad.

You must have a scientific certificate in nursing from an accredited institution with at least three years of study and one year of practical experience in order to apply for nursing jobs in Kuwait. The candidate must be at least 21 years old and in good enough health to perform the job. If you meet the prerequisites listed above, you can apply to the Ministry of Health in Kuwait's Medical Licence Department for nursing positions.

In order to pursue a nursing career in Kuwait, it is mandatory for healthcare professionals to successfully complete the Ministry of Health (MOH) Examination and meet the necessary qualifications for employment. It is important to note that, apart from Dubai and Abu Dhabi, clearing the MOH Examination grants individuals the opportunity to practice nursing in any of Kuwait's five emirates.

There are several nursing positions available in Kuwait,

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Nurses in Kuwait receive varying salaries, which are influenced by factors like their qualifications, experience, and employer. However, registered nurses in Kuwait usually earn competitive salaries and enjoy additional advantages such as housing allowances, healthcare coverage, and annual leave.

In general, nurses can look forward to being employed in contemporary healthcare settings that are outfitted with cutting-edge medical technology. Their schedules usually involve working shifts that encompass nights and weekends, and they are offered opportunities for advancing their careers and enhancing their professional skills.

It is not obligatory in every situation, particularly in healthcare facilities where English is widely spoken. Nonetheless, nurses working in Kuwait typically need to be proficient in English.