Nursing Jobs in Canada for Indian

Canada is a top destination for nursing professionals seeking a rewarding career. With a growing demand for nurses and increased nursing jobs in Canada for Indian nurses due to the ageing population, healthcare infrastructure expansion, and evolving medical technologies, Canada offers a robust healthcare system, competitive remuneration, and career advancement prospects. The Canadian government has implemented initiatives to retain current nurses and attract new talent, including enhanced working conditions, competitive salaries, and opportunities for career advancement. The country’s work-life balance policies, excellent salary, and welcoming immigration policies make it a desirable destination for nurses seeking to progress their careers abroad.

The Canadian Nurse Regulators Collaborative (CNRC) has formally approved the OET Test as a benchmark for English proficiency. Because of this wonderful advancement, you can now use your OET results to realise your goal of working as a registered nurse in Canada. Scholar Overseas, one of the finest Canada nursing recruitment agencies in Tamil Nadu, can help you reap maximum benefits from your degree by managing everything you need to work as a nurse in Canada. Want to know if you qualify for Canada nurse recruitment? Give us a call today!

How to become a nurse in Canada

Minimum benchmarks required

1) Hold a Diploma or degree in nursing.

2) Present nursing license from the country of residence,

3) Work experience of 1 year for bedside nursing

4) Clear English language proficiency test (IELTS or OET):

IELTS: Minimum Band score of 6.5 with a minimum of 7 in speaking.

OET: Grade C+ or above in Reading and Writing, Grade B or above in Listening and Speaking.

5) Pass the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE) or an equivalent, depending on the province.

Perks of Working as a Nurse in Canada

How Can Scholar Overseas Assist?

By managing every facet of the Canada recruitment for nurses, we accelerate the process of hiring nurses from abroad:

  1. Prescreening applicants
  2. Setting up in-person or online interviews      
  3. Helping with NCLEX preparation and state licensure  
  4. Helping nurses with visas and certifications    
  5. Helping with Green Card applications     
  6. Helping with Green Card applications
  7. Requesting in-country police checks
  8. Greeting nurses at the airport
  9. Setting up temporary housing
  10. Helping nurses obtain their Social Security card
  11. Offering comprehensive relocation support
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Yes, the OET Test has been officially recommended by the Canadian Nurse Regulators Collaborative (CNRC) as a standard for English proficiency.

The full OET Test (four sub-tests including Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) costs US$455 or approximately INR 38,000.

Grade C+ or above in Reading and Writing, Grade B or above in Listening and Speaking

There are no age limitations in Canada for Indian people who want to become nurses. Your eligibility will depend on fulfilling the linguistic and educational standards set forth by nursing regulating agencies. You can become a nurse at any age as long as you complete these qualifications.

Salaries range broadly from CAD 60,000 to CAD 104,000 annually, influenced by location, specialization, and experience.