SCFHS (Saudi Commission for Health Specialties) in Chennai

Saudi Arabia through the Mumaris Plus dataflow portal. Practitioners can conveniently submit applications for different services and obtain information on the necessary requirements and fees by simply clicking on the respective service.

Verification of documents through Dataflow (PSV)

●  Professional Registration on Mumaris.

●  Professional Classification process.

●  Taking Prometric Exam after receiving Eligibility ID.

●  Activation of license by employer upon receiving offer letter from Saudi.


SCFHS (Saudi Commission for Health_Scholar Overseas

Documents Required for mumaris registration:

1. In order to complete the mumaris registration process, you will need to provide the following educational documents: your diploma, degree, and specialization certificates, as well as your convocation certificates.
2. Additionally, you must submit your mark list for the entire year of study and your transcript of study. If you do not have a transcript, the mark list will suffice.
3. It is also necessary to include your health license registration certificate from your home country, and if applicable, from your last working country. Please ensure that your license registration is valid. If it has expired, kindly renew it and submit both the expired and renewed documents.
4. A signed employment certificate from either the hospital director or the Human Resource manager is required. Please make sure to include a contact email address and phone number in the experience certificate for the data flow team to reach out to your employer.
5. Your higher secondary certificate is also necessary for the registration process.
6. Please provide a copy of your international passport.
7. One passport size photograph is required.
8. Don’t forget to include your updated resume.
9. If applicable, a good conduct certificate should also be submitted.
10. Lastly, if you possess a basic life support certificate, please include it as well.

The fee for the mumaris SCFHS application process includes several components.

Firstly, there is a dataflow verification fee which depends on the number of documents to be verified. The normal amount for this fee is 1100 SAR, but you can use Google to convert it to your country’s exchange rate. Additionally, if you have any additional documents, there is a fee of 310 SAR for each document.

●  Another fee is the Mumaris registration fee, which is 240 SAR.

●  For professional classification, there is a fee of 900 SAR.

●  If you need to book the Prometric exam, there is a fee of 289 USD.

●  Lastly, there is a professional classification hyper pay license fee of 200.

Please note that these fees are specific to nurses. Doctors and allied health care professionals may have slightly different fees.

The (SCFHS) regularly conducts for healthcare professionals to upgrade their skills and keep abreast of the latest advancements in the field. These courses encompass a broad spectrum of topics pertinent to diverse medical specialties, including clinical practice, research methodologies, patient care, and healthcare management.

In Saudi Arabia, the prometric schedule SCFHS is responsible for organizing and overseeing the Saudi Prometric Exam for Doctors. This examination is designed to ensure that healthcare professionals in the country meet the necessary qualifications and capabilities to deliver healthcare services that are both safe and effective.

One option is to take the exam in Saudi Arabia, necessitating an eligibility number from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties prometric (SCFHS Exam), which can be quite inconvenient. Another option is to take the exam in numerous countries around the globe, where no eligibility requirement is imposed, making it a favorable choice.

This examination, which is conducted on a computer, spans over a duration of 2 hours and comprises 70 multiple choice questions. Although it is perceived as relatively easy to pass, excelling in this exam demands dedication and hard work. The results of this exam play a crucial role in the job application process in Saudi Arabia. Prometric, a well-known testing and assessment skills prometric Saudi Commission for Health Specialties scfhs online courses provider, administers this exam within and beyond the borders of Saudi Arabia.

Qualifications and Expertise:

  • Physicians: It is mandatory for physicians to hold an MBBS or an equivalent degree that is recognized by the SCFHS.
  • Nurses: Nurses are required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Nursing or a three-year diploma in Nursing from an accredited institution.
  •  Pharmacists: Pharmacists must possess a bachelor’s degree Pharmacy or a Pharm.D.  
  • Allied Healthcare Professionals: For professionals in disciplines such as physical therapy, dentistry, or medical lab technology, it is essential to have degrees or diplomas in their respective fields.
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