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Dataflow for nurses is essential for confirming the legitimacy of applicants' certificates and legal documents through thorough verification. Governments, organizations, regulators, and fortune 500 companies worldwide have placed their trust in Dataflow Group. They excel in offering accurate screening and discreet timely solutions.The implementation of sound HR practices is guaranteed by making decisions based on factual information. At the moment, they are involved in partnerships with Ministries, Professional licensing authorities, the Immigration department, and public sector organizations spanning across different sectors like healthcare, education, engineering, banking, oil and gas, and other commercial institutions.

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The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) makes use of the DataFlow Group’s specialized Primary Source Verification (PSV) solutions to validate the credentials of healthcare professionals practicing in the Kingdom. The is dedicated to improving the health of individuals and communities in Saudi Arabia. It achieves this by offering comprehensive and adaptable healthcare services in an environment that promotes sustainability and good health. Moreover, the program focuses on supporting nurses by implementing policies, legislation, programs, and fostering strong partnerships, both domestically and internationally.

It facilitates the healthcare sector in developing a competitive edge, nurturing an innovative atmosphere, and delivering actionable insights based on high-quality data. Dataflow requirements for nurses in the medical domain include administrative records, survey data, surveillance reports, peer-reviewed publications, vital medical records, claims reports, and disease registrations. The specialization is widely favored in the Gulf region. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Oman present abundant opportunities for individuals looking to pursue this field

Primary Source Verification (PSV) entails verifying applicant documents directly from the original or primary source through a specialized international company called “Dataflow.” The verification process includes educational certificates, work experience, health licenses, and good standing certificates. In order to achieve a meticulous screening process, DataFlow undertakes an advanced procedure that entails direct verification with the original issuing sources. This verification process disregards any language barriers, country limitations, or regional constraints. The verified documents encompass a wide variety of credentials, including degrees, passports, employment certificates, practice licenses, and work permits, among others. By utilizing the PSV, the healthcare sectors can effectively identify any fraudulent certificates. In alignment with this, the DHA will take the necessary measures to ensure that healthcare professionals practicing in Dubai are genuine and possess the required qualifications.

The verification of dataflow is a necessary procedure for those looking to go overseas. It involves confirming the accuracy of the documents provided by an applicant when applying for a job or a course, particularly in the GCC countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE). The dha dataflow for nurses is crucial for DHA in validating the qualifications of healthcare practitioners in Dubai. Their primary goal is to ensure the provision of top-notch healthcare services, foster the health of citizens, and propel the growth of Dubai’s healthcare industry by leveraging advanced methodologies and cutting-edge technology.

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Following are the documents for DHA dataflow requirements for nurses:

1. A photograph of passport size with a white background is required.

2. Both the front and back pages of the passport need to be submitted.

3. The mark sheets of the 10th and 12th school certificates are necessary.

4. The certificates for Diploma, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees are required.

5. All the semester mark sheets or the transcript and internship certificate should be provided.

6. The registration certificate from the nursing, pharmacy, medical, dental, or any other council or association is mandatory.

7. An experience certificate is needed, with a minimum of 2 years of experience for graduates and diploma holders, and 3 years of experience for postgraduates.

8. A Good Standing Certificate from the registered council or association is also required.

HAAD License Dataflow

The HAAD License, also recognized as the DOH License, is an obligatory Medical License in Abu Dhabi, UAE, for all healthcare professionals. It is overseen by the Health Authority Of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) or the Department Of Health Abu Dhabi (DOH Abu Dhabi). In order to work as healthcare professionals in Abu Dhabi, both local and foreign healthcare professionals must obtain a mandatory Medical licence. At Scholar Overseas , we specialize in assisting doctors, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals with the HAAD Medical process. This includes facilitating the HAAD Dataflow registration, Application Phase, and ensuring a smooth application for the prometric or oral exam. The cost of haad dataflow fees for nurses processing is 600 AED, which includes one educational license, one health license, and relevant experience.

Here are the HAAD Dataflow requirements for nurses that need to be fulfilled:

1. A passport size photo with a white background.
2. A copy of the passport, including both sides.
3. Academic certificates.
4. Experience certificate.
5. Good standing certificate.
6. License/registration certificate from the working/home country.

Please ensure that all these documents are provided as per the HAAD Dataflow requirements.

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To facilitate the verification process, the DataFlow Group mandates the submission of a Letter of Authorization (LOA). When you apply online, you have the opportunity to digitally sign the LOA, fulfilling this mandatory requirement.

Charges will differ according to the number of documents that require verification.

Remember to include all the important information and documents when you submit your application. If anything needs to be submitted later on, there may be additional fees involved and it could potentially slow down the process of receiving the final report.

Of course, candidates are welcome to apply even if they haven't secured employment in Abu Dhabi yet.

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