OET exam for nurses

OET Exam for Nurses in Tamil Nadu

Do you have the desire to work overseas as a qualified nurse? A plethora of opportunities await qualified workers in the global nursing scene. However, many nations demand that nurses pass an official test such as the Occupational English Test (OET) for nurses to prove that they are fluent in the English language. Scholar Overseas is the right place to fulfil your dreams. Our OET preparation for nurses program is specifically tailored for medical professionals like you, ensuring you have the language skills necessary to succeed in both your career and an English-speaking educational environment. The OET, an internationally renowned English proficiency test, is used to evaluate the language communication skills of healthcare workers. OET exam for nurses contains 4 segments: listening, reading, speaking and writing.

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OET Listening

The OET nursing exam Listening paper consists of three parts. Part A includes two patient-led dialogues with gap-fill exercises. Candidates have 15 minutes to complete this section. Context for each conversation is provided, and candidates are given 30 seconds to review notes before each audio begins. Information is organized under headings to help candidates keep their place and reference their notes while completing the exercises. 

Part B in OET nursing listening consists of six dialogues or monologues, each around one minute in length. Candidates are presented with three multiple-choice questions per extract, for a total of six questions. Each audio covers a different topic and setting. Candidates have 10 minutes to complete this section.

Part C features two longer presentations or interviews. Candidates are given three multiple-choice questions per audio, for a total of six questions. They have 15 minutes to complete this final section.

OET Reading

Upon completion of the listening assessment, test-takers will begin the reading portion. Section A contains four short texts with corresponding gap-fill and short answer questions to be completed within 15 minutes. Section B consists of six short texts, each accompanied by three multiple-choice questions for selection. Sections A and B are allotted a combined 45 minutes for completion. Section C presents two longer texts with attached four option multiple choice questions.

Section A evaluates rapid reading abilities through a set of four topically related texts requiring matching, short responses, and sentence completion activities. Section B poses six different passages followed by issues with three potential solutions to select from via pencil marking. Finally, Section C furnishes two more extensive extracts paired with queries offering four possible answers for choice.

OET Writing

In OET writing for nurses, candidates are allotted five minutes to review case notes about a hypothetical patient’s situation and care. The candidate will then have forty minutes to compose a 180- to 200-word letter regarding that patient in a specified letter format (referral, discharge, or transfer). Referral letters may need to be addressed to providers such as community nurses, physiotherapists, general practitioners, or occupational therapists. Discharge letters could be addressed to entities like a retirement home or general practitioner upon a patient’s departure from care. Transfer letters may require being directed to caregivers such as a community nurse or hospital nurse, potentially in another location to facilitate the patient’s transition of care. All the OET case notes for nurses including OET writing case notes for nurses will be provided by Scholar Overseas to ensure your success.

OET Speaking

OET speaking for nurses exam begins with an unassessed warm-up role-play interaction to allow the candidate to become acclimated to the evaluation format. The candidate will then be provided with a role-play card detailing a scenario and be allotted preparation time before engaging in a five-minute role-play consultation with an actor playing the part of a patient or caregiver, while the candidate assumes the role of a nurse in the OET nursing exam for speaking. Upon completion, a second role-play card and scenario will be provided to repeat the process, with each interaction supplying the necessary information, patient details, and care tasks for the candidate to address.

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Switzerland. With an average annual salary of $99,839, Switzerland takes the top spot as the highest-paying country for nurses. Other top-paying countries for nurses are the United States, Norway, Denmark, and Canada.

The OET exam syllabus consists of four sections: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

The OET score for nurses is calculated on a scale of A to E, with A being the highest score. A good score for OET Writing (Band B or above) is considered suitable for most nursing job applications.

Generally, No. You need to clear IELTS or OET to work as a staff nurse in the UK.

Scholar Overseas, one of the best OET online courses for nurses, completely prepares you for success in OET. Our success rate stands as a testimony to our capabilities in preparing you for the future. Also, OET official website for nurses contain additional information including OET practice test for nurses.

Generally, OET results are valid for 2 years.

Yes. Scholar Overseas does exam booking for all students according to their preferred date and place.
Yes. You can select an online or offline method or hybrid as well.

For nurses, both OET and IELTS are popular English proficiency tests, but OET test for nurses may be considered the easier option. OET is specifically designed for healthcare professionals, covering medical terminology, hospital procedures, and industry-specific vocabulary.

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) will accept certification for either IELTS or OET as proof of sufficient English language competency to work as a nurse in Ireland. There is no need to complete IELTS if you have already completed OET

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