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National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) Bahrain is a government-run healthcare regulatory body tasked with licensing, regulating, and supervising healthcare facilities and professionals in the nation. In the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Department of Health care Professionals Regulations is in charge of overseeing the registration, licensing, and renewal of licenses for all health professionals practicing in the country. The main purpose is to secure the presence of proficient, well-trained, and competent healthcare professionals in Bahrain, thereby ensuring the provision of secure, dependable, superior, and efficient healthcare services. The qualifications of individuals entering the healthcare sector are comprehensively evaluated based on their knowledge, clinical proficiency, and professional attributes that are vital for their practice in this domain. Additionally, the validation and examination of novel medical specializations are carried out to assess their evidence-based significance and safety profiles.

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At Scholar Overseas, our licensing specialists acknowledge the distinctiveness of every healthcare professional. We provide individualized help to ensure that you receive the correct information and support that is customized to your unique needs and qualifications. Through years of facilitating licensing for healthcare practitioners, we have developed a profound understanding of the intricate requirements and procedures involved, enabling us to provide efficient and effective services. With a team of highly skilled professionals, we are fully devoted to providing you with comprehensive guidance and support, ensuring that the process is as effortless as possible. Our support goes beyond just licensing. We are committed to assisting you throughout the exam process by providing exam materials and other support to help you successfully complete the journey.

Here in scholar overseas, the best nhra coaching in chennai, students are provided preparation classes for familiarizing them with the Bahrain ministry of health Registered Nurse Examination. During this period students will get detailed training in the entire nursing subject focused on examination. The training we offer is conducted online throughcomputerized platforms, where students engage with a variety of questions extracted from nursing literature and academic sources to enhance their learning experience. The candidates will undergo model tests, followed by receiving feedback and assessment. Additionally, they will be offered individualized assistance and support for any challenging modules they encounter.

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Top features of our Prometric coaching

Essential Documentation

The documents that are applicable have been officially issued by the respective authority and meet the PQR requirement for your license criteria:

● EducationalCredentials
● CertificatesofWorkExperience
● LicensefromCountryofOrigin
● CertificateofGoodProfessionalStanding ● PrimarySourceVerification
● ValidPassportandPhotograph

Application for Test:
  • In order to be eligibletotakethelicensureexamination, professionals are required to submit a thorough license application through the online system. Upon approval oft hel icense application,the applicant will be issued an eligibility code which will be transmitted to them through the online system. Toregisterforthelicensureexamination,thecandidateisrequired to make use of the code that has been generated.
  • The eligibility code is intended for a one-time use. Afterreceivingtheresults,theapplicantisrequiredtouploada copy of the examination report when submitting their online application. Theprocessofobtaininganewlicensewillbeconcludedoncethe applicant has passed the exam.
  • If the exam is failed by the applicant, the eligibility code will be reactivated, and the applicant will be notified through the online system, while adhering to the maximum number of examination attempts allowed.
    Nursing,midwifery,andalliedprofessionsrequireaminimum passing mark of 60%
  • For the licensure examination,anapplicantisgiventheopportunity to appear for the test up to four consecutive times, as long as these attempts are made within a maximum of three years from the initial attempt.

Our institution provides coaching services specifically designed for nurses, with the guidance of proficient and seasoned professional trainers. We offer flexible class schedules, including both full-time and part-time options, to cater to the needs of our students. Our highly qualified teachers are committed to helping students develop the essential skills required to excel in their examinations. To facilitate exam preparation, we offer an extensive collection of study materials authored by renowned experts from the world’s leading publishing companies. In the duration of the training, we supply mock tests to aid in assessing and mastering stressful circumstances.

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The nhra exam application is open to all medical professionals who satisfy the required qualifications and meet the necessary criteria. Therefore, as long as individuals in the medical field fulfill these requirements, they are eligible to apply for the exam.

Without exception, all necessary information and documentation must be included with the candidate's application.

The standard timeframe for processing the candidate's PSV application for Bahrain is 30 to 60 working days. Nevertheless, the processing time per application may fluctuate depending on the documents' place of origin.

Although the NHRA Dataflow report does not have a set expiration date, it can be updated if necessary, considering the date it was issued.

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