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Why Canada

Canada is always on the lookout for skilled and talented individuals to support its economic development. There are many immigrants from all parts of the world who live in Canada. With its political stability, excellent education & healthcare system, it is one of the best countries in the world with excellent business opportunities.

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Documents required to apply for student visa?

Identity proof

The most important document required while applying for a student visa is your passport. You must also submit two passport sized photos with details such as your name and birthdate on the back of the photos. Also, your passport must mandatorily leave one blank page in your passport.

Letter of acceptance(LOA)

You also require an official Letter of Acceptance from the school or university where you have been accepted. While applying, you must include the original document of the LOA with your application and not a copy.

Students who are applying for a student visa to study in the province of Québec also require an additional Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (Certificate of Acceptance to Québec, CAQ).

The LOA must include a valid Designated Learning Institution Number. It should be on the official letterhead of the university and should mention the exact amount of tuition fees that you, as a student, will be required to pay the institution. The LOA must also include the tentative dates for the start and end of the programme.

Document Stating purpose of your visit document

In this document you must mention the purpose of your visit to Canada. You must also mention details about your educational history, professional goals and score of the language proficiency test.

Financial support proof

In order to enter and study in Canada, you may have to show that you possess funds to bear the expenses of your study and stay in Canada. A documented proof of financial support for studies and living in the first year of your programme in Canada must be submitted. The proof is submitted in the form of a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC Canada).

Travel history

The Canadian government requires you to submit details your travel history outside your home country and of your parents as well.

Additional personal documents

Some additional documents may also be required like birth certificate, marriage certificate, CV, clearance from the police department, biometric data et al. However, these depend on the requirements according to the rules and guidelines of your home country.